Cole-Hamilton: Increase GP numbers to tackle service "at breaking point"

Alex has called on the Scottish Government to increase the number of GPs in Scotland and embed more nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists with GPs so that people can get a wider range of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care within their community.

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Cole-Hamilton Launches Schools Exam Survey

Local MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has had a large number of emails and calls from both school students and their parents about the SQA assessments that have replaced this year’s exam diet in recent weeks. When the government cancelled the exam diet for this year ahead of the winter lockdown, they gave...

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Alex Cole-Hamilton has thanked local residents after being returned to the Scottish Parliament with a majority of nearly 10,000 votes. Despite national projections suggesting that Edinburgh Western was on a knife edge, Alex and the Liberal Democrats managed to confound expectations and deliver th...

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About Alex

Alex Cole-Hamilton is the Liberal Democrat MSP for Edinburgh Western. Find out more about his story here:

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