20 operations a day cancelled in October

I've called on the Scottish Government to get to grips with supporting health boards as new figures revealed that almost 20 operations a day were cancelled in October due to capacity or non-clinical reasons. 

Recent statistics showed 614 patients had their operations cancelled for capacity on non-clinical reasons in October.   

Going in for an operation can be incredibly stressful and cancellations can happen for a number of reasons.

However there is no hiding from the fact that the NHS is sending hundreds of patients home before they have their operation because of capacity issues. 

Last month, 20 patients a day were sent home not having received the operation they needed because their hospital could not accommodate them. And in fact, cancelled operations have been consistently higher this year than the last.

This is bad for patients, bad for their families and it will be no picnic for NHS staff either. 

Doctors and nurses across the country are working incredibly hard to give patients the best hospital experience that they can but these figures demonstrate that the Scottish Government is not getting to grips with the problem.  

The SNP need to get serious about giving health boards the support they need.

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