action needed to tackle mental health stigma

I've called for a step change in support for people struggling with mental ill health as a new survey found that people with mental health problems and other “invisible” illnesses worry about telling others about their conditions.

The research from See Me, who work to tackle discrimination against people with mental ill health, revealed two thirds of people would be hesitant telling an employer about a mental health issue, or an invisible illness such as ME, fibromyalgia or lyme disease.

We have made real progress in tackling the stigma around mental ill health in recent years but this survey shows that we still have a long way to go.

Mental ill health is not a sign of weakness. These are illnesses like any other.

People struggling with mental ill health need the support of friends, family and their employers. The same goes for people suffering from other invisible illnesses.

We also need to ensure that people suffering from mental ill health can access the treatment they need at the time they need it.

At the moment, we are still seeing children being forced to wait more than a year for specialist care. That needs to end. It is time for a step change in the way we support mental health services.

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