Alex hosts first aid pop-ups

My wife Gill and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of local people who expressed concern at our story and good wishes for Darcy who is back to her usual, happy and cheeky, self. It's important for us to use the attention we've had around this incident to raise awareness and get people interested with training opportunities. 

In the past month, my team and I have organised three pop-up events within the local community I serve. 

First Aid provide essential life skills so in the meantime the Red Cross have some excellent videos on emergency care which you can watch here

I'm thrilled that Darcy is doing so well and is back to herself, annoying her brothers and eating like a horse. But I'm still counting my blessings. It was a harrowing experience that will stay with me for life. 

The first aid course I did over 25 years ago gave me the skills to help save my daughter's life and after hearing from other parents that they never got any training, I want to encourage people to learn. 

I was delighted by the announcement that every school pupil in Scotland will be taught life-saving CPR skills. The Nation of Lifesavers campaign could save thousands of lives with 50,000 kids being trained each year. 

I am privileged to be in a position where I can raise awareness about how important an understanding of basic first aid is to learn for all ages. 

I hope the three events in the next two weeks will just be the start, so stay tuned for future sessions. 

Although the skills are easy to learn, they are invaluable and will stay with you for life. 

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