Alex pushes Government on Vaccine Rollout

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has been asking for an urgent revision to the vaccine rollout plan after it emerged that only 4% of Edinburgh residents have been vaccinated against Covid19, compared to the average of 12%.

After extensive work with those on the frontline, he has identified several problems with the vaccine rollout in Scotland:


1) There is a centralised bottleneck in the process - while GPs in England are in charge of the process, with access to as much vaccine as they need when they need it, there are 3 extra layers of red tape which sees GPs at the end of the decision making chain.


2) Initially the product booking system only allowed GP surgeries to order 100 doses per week once a week and if they miss their booking timeslot, they have to wait a week. That’s nothing when you consider a GP surgery will get 900 shots out in a weekend during flu-season.


3) There is no means for qualified individuals to enrol in the vaccine programme as vaccinators. There's a sign up website for NHS England, but not for Scotland. When Alex asked about this the Government told him that they did not need any more volunteers (despite having a stockpile of over 200,000 doses).


Alex raised the deficiencies in the rollout in Parliament, you can see extracts of his speech here:

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