All party working group on Child Mental Health

Waiting times for child and adolescent mental health services are officially the worst they have ever been with some children waiting up to 2 years for first line treatment. Local Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has consistently argued for improvements, such as the introduction of talking therapists in every school, to which the First Minister has now committed.

Alex has now established an all-party working group to build a realistic vision for how this might happen. He said: “I want to take party politics out of this. I’ve got several experts and organisations around the table, together with a rep from every party. The children we represent deserve far more than they’ve received to date and they deserve to have politicians all pulling in the same direction for once. Right now if your child fell off her bike and broke her arm you could reasonably expect her to be in plaster
by the end of the day, but if she came to you with anxiety or depression, she would join the back of the longest queue in the health service.”

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