Buffer Zones are welcome protection for women

Commenting on the intention of Edinburgh council to enter talks with the Scottish Government to set up buffer zones around abortion clinics, Edinburgh Western MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson, Alex Cole-Hamilton remarked:

“I’m so glad there’s finally signs of movement on this issue. For years my party and I have backed campaigners calling to set up these zones. Every patient should be able to receive the medical treatment they need without fear of harassment or intimidation.

"Councils in England have been setting up these zones where necessary, to protect both clinical staff and those attending appointments. I've been asking Scottish ministers about this for three years. Unfortunately, the Scottish Government dragged its feet and dodged a commitment. So I’m hoping when they finally get around the table, they grant permission to all 32 councils to have authority over these laws.

"I know so many campaigners have been dedicated to this cause and I thank all them for their endeavours. To mention a few, the students from Edinburgh University who’ve gained traction in their campaign, alongside those from ‘Back Off Scotland’. I wished it hadn’t taken so long, but there’s some positive signs for hope, we just need the Government to get on with it now.”

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