Cancer support falling short

Support being given to those suffering from cancer is falling short after new statistics showed that key waiting time targets were once again missed.

The ISD Scotland figures showed performance sliding against both the 62 and 31 day cancer targets.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed today that a key plank in the Scottish Government’s cancer strategy, the expectation that patients’ care should be discussed by a multidisciplinary team prior to their receiving treatment, was only achieved by one NHS board in 2014/15.

Cancer standards have been missed and missed again. Patients and their loved ones are being caused unnecessary anxiety and pain by excessive waits for treatment.

It couldn’t be simpler - early diagnosis and treatment save lives.

Evidence shows that patients with cancer benefiting from the input of a multi-disciplinary team have better outcomes so it’s very disappointing to find NHS boards aren’t delivering on this expectation either.

The support cancer patients are receiving is falling short against a range of measures. It simply isn’t good enough.

SNP ministers must ensure that NHS boards are able to treat people in good time and with the dignity and diligence they deserve.

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