Children must have equal protection from assault

Responding to the news that the Scottish Government has agreed to give children in Scotland equal protection from assault, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said: 

"Scottish Liberal Democrats have regularly demanded the so-called "justifiable assault" of children be brought to an end. It is a source of national shame that this defence still exists and it is welcome that SNP ministers will now get with the times and abolish it. 

“Scotland is one of only a handful of European countries that have yet to move to abolish this archaic defence in its entirety.

“Children should not have less right to protection from violence than adults living in the same household. The evidence from dozens of studies is irrefutable – it damages children’s wellbeing, risks turning into physical violence and increases problems such as aggression and anxiety which can continue into adulthood. That's why experts from the UN to the Children’s Commissioner, police officers, social workers, nurses, children’s and parenting charities have called for children to be given equal protection under the law."

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