Cole-Hamilton: Delay in revealing cancer screening errors "cynical abuse of power"

Scottish Liberal Democrats caused Scottish ministers to admit that they had known since March about fatal errors in the cervical screening programme. Health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP commented:

"This information was deliberately hidden from the public. SNP ministers had knowledge of these fatal errors before the elections. I was shocked when the minister said they had known about this since March.

"It is a cynical abuse of power to only disclose this serious adverse event months later and on the afternoon when Parliament breaks up for the summer. It is an insult to the women who were failed by the errors in this screening programme.

"We urgently need to know how these screening errors went undetected for so long, how they escaped the eye of audit after audit, and how long it will take to identify and contact the other women affected. Crucially, ministers must also be up front with women and release important public health information without delay."

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