Cole-Hamilton: Ministers knew Queensferry Crossing wasn’t finished

Responding to the news that ‘workmanship issues’ were known about in August, before the Queensferry Crossing opened, Scottish Liberal Democrat Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“During the lavish fanfare of the opening back in September the Scottish Government made no reference to the fact this would have to be fixed.

"Cutting the ribbon on the bridge was rushed to avoid financial penalties or adding to the existing eight month delay.

"It is an insult to the public that ministers didn't tell them closures were on the way. We need to know exactly what other works are in the pipeline to make the bridge fully operational and how this will impact upon its users.

“Closing the southbound lane for days will cause further disruption for my constituents. I have persistently suggested that the Forth Road Bridge be used in the event of snagging issues and was criticised for this suggestion by the Scottish Government. I’m glad to see they’ve changed their mind but, considering what we know now, this could have been announced sooner.”

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