Cole-Hamilton Presses for Answers on Threat to Airport Jobs

As Parliament returned yesterday, Edinburgh Western MSP  Alex Cole-Hamilton continued in his efforts to gain support for Edinburgh Airport. Following a Ministerial Statement on Covid-19, Mr Cole-Hamilton asked the Cabinet Secretary for Transport to meet with the aviation sector to discuss testing as an alternative to quarantine. Mr Cole-Hamilton also took the opportunity to stress the value of the domestic air market to Edinburgh Airport, by asking the Cabinet Secretary to rule out the possibility of a quarantine for those arriving into Scotland from England.

Mr Cole-Hamilton Commented:

“Despite months of lobbying from  myself and others, asking the Scottish Government for a clear plan to provide long term support to the aviation industry, the Cabinet Secretary was unable provide a clear answer on his intentions to meet with members of airport staff.

Merely calling for the extension of the Furlough Scheme is a short term solution for a long term problem. It is far more vital that long term support is made available for the aviation industry to enable them to retain the employment of as many staff as possible.”

Commenting Further, Mr Cole-Hamilton Said:

“Not only does the Cabinet Secretary’s response to the need for long term support for the aviation industry do little to address the concerns of stakeholders, but his avoidance of my question surrounding an English quarantine will only fuel anxieties within members of my constituency, but more widely across Scotland’s aviation industry.”

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