Cole-Hamilton: Queensferry Crossing is still not finished

Responding to the news that the Queensferry Crossing is to close to southbound traffic for five days, Scottish Liberal Democrat Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said: 

“Closing the southbound lane for a whole week will cause further disruption for my constituents. Everyone knows that completion was rushed to avoid financial penalties and to allow the SNP to boast of a major capital project they say they have completed on time.

“The reality is this bridge still is not finished. While the SNP have sought to dine out on the praise associated with the crossing, my constituents and those travelling to and from Fife experience longer journey times than even the worst days of the Forth Road Bridge. I suggested that the Forth Road Bridge be used in the event of snagging issues and was criticised for this suggestion by the Scottish Government. I’m glad to see they’ve changed their mind and it will now be used as a resilience measure.

“Additionally, Transport Scotland need to look to other problems associated with the crossing, including the configuration of slip roads joining the motorway, which reduce ambient speeds to zero as cars merge and the absence of traffic lights on the Echline roundabout which is causing further gridlock.”

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