Cole-Hamilton: Scrutiny essential to healthy democracies

Speaking in response to the Scottish Government’s statement setting out plans for another fast tracked process for emergency legislation, three months before the expiry date of existing laws, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"The last coronavirus legislation, passed as it was in those weeks of high infection and as the nation moved into lockdown, by necessity went through Parliament at breakneck speed. 

"As a result, disabled people had rights suspended.  We still have illiberal mental health powers. 

"The government would have ended hundreds of years of trial by jury in a single line of text, had Liberal Democrats not worked with others to stop it. That’s why scrutiny matters. 

“The government must publish the Bill before summer, so that its impact can be thought through, and everyone can have their say, and give Parliament adequate time for scrutiny when it returns after summer"

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