Conservative GP campaign ignores Brexit threat

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has today responded to comments from the Scottish Conservatives on the state of Scotland’s GP surgeries by warning that SNP mismanagement of the health service will be compounded by a Tory hard Brexit.

It is projected that by 2021 the country will need an additional 800 GPs. The Royal College of General Practitioners Scotland (RCGP) said that if the 226 GPs from other EU countries working in Scotland had to leave following Brexit, it could have grave consequences for patient safety. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: 

“The Scottish Conservatives have correctly identified that Scotland’s GP surgeries are underfunded and talented medics are leaving the profession.

“However they seem perfectly happy to compound the SNP’s mismanagement of our health service by backing the Prime Minister’s plans for a hard Brexit that would deprive our NHS of vital staff.

“Our health and social care services could not function without the pool of talent we are currently allowed to recruit from. No one voted in the EU referendum on the basis that their local GP would be deported and the NHS cannot afford to suffer a Brexit-induced staffing crisis.

“It’s time for the Scottish Conservatives to put up or shut up. Will they still wander gormlessly through the voting lobbies in support of Theresa May’s hard Brexit or will they push back when it counts?”

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