Defeating Brexit is our Everest

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton will today make a speech at the Rally for Europe in Edinburgh where he will say that a vote on the reality of Brexit is the best path forward in securing a prosperous future for the United Kingdom.

Mr Cole-Hamilton is expected to say:

“Now I heard that Boris Johnson said that if we had to, in the event of no deal we could live without our EU workforce, that they only make up 3% of our health and social care workforce so we could probably tough it out. Boris, your spinal column makes up 3% of your body mass, try functioning without that.

“You all know my party’s policy. The Liberal Democrats believe that a process begun by the will of the British people must be concluded by the will of the British people.

“That we must put the final terms of the Brexit deal or the reality of no deal to them in a referendum, and on that ballot paper they should have an unambiguous choice to reject Brexit and remain in the EU.

“I believe that when credited with the facts, the people of this country will reject the lunacy of Brexit and return to the fold of what has become quite simply the most important project for peace and freedom in the whole of human history,

“So when the full hideous calamity of Brexit is laid bare, we should ask the people of this country, in the solemnity of the polling stations where this first started, is this really what you want? Is this what you imagined taking back control would look like? And if it isn’t then you should exercise your democratic right to stay.

“We meet in extraordinary times, historic times and you will each look back on this period and ask yourself, did I do my part? Don’t leave that question unanswered, it’s time to dig in and fight, it isn’t just a mountain we have to climb, this is our Everest.

“For all the dismay I’ve felt since June the 24th, I still fundamentally believe that Britain has the capacity to be decent, open and outward looking. That with every passing week more people are rediscovering that inside themselves and regretting the vote they cast

“With your grit and determination, that the best days of our European identity can still lie ahead of us.”

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