GPs crying out for support

NHS24 is triaging patients calling their GP in normal hours because of the pressure on practices.

GPs are crying out for support and, in its absence, NHS 24 is having to help them out. This is just the latest symptom of the GP crisis that the SNP Government has allowed to happen.

Across Scotland surgeries are closing their lists to new patients and others are contemplating closure because they can’t find the staff they so desperately need. People are already seeing the consequence of a decade of SNP neglect but, as we have learned, a Tory hard Brexit could lead to the loss of hundreds more GPs. The SNP and Tories have both been utterly careless.

It is time to end the GP crisis and avert further problems through delivering the required funding, immediately guaranteeing the rights of EU staff working in our NHS and by providing a new mental health practitioner in every surgery, relieving the pressure on other parts of the service.

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