Greens have air brushed 1 million petition for referendum trigger

I've accused the Scottish Green party of airbrushing their commitment to gathering a million names on a petition before triggering a referendum. That commitment was endorsed in their manifesto last May.

The Greens have advocated that 1 million names on a petition should be the trigger for another independence referendum. That was endorsed in their manifesto just a few months ago. 

Now it has been airbrushed without as much as an explanation.

By any normal standards the Greens would be unable to vote for a Section 30 next week as they have failed to even meet their own test.

I accept the Greens favour independence but by their own test they do not have mandate to vote for yet another independence referendum.

The pressure will grow on the Greens to keep their word to the voters and only agree to vote for another referendum when they meet the terms of their own manifesto and statements.

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