Health Secretary out of his depth on Covid ID cards

Responding to the Health Secretary's interview on Good Morning Scotland in which he conceded that it was not practical to check the vaccine passports of all attendees at football matches, still couldn't say how the government was defining a nightclub and unsuccessfully attempted to explain away comments from Professor Stephen Reicher who said that England was right to ditch Covid ID plans, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

"The Health Secretary seems well out of his depth. 

"The Covid ID cards he has championed are already a shambles with experts warning they are unnecessary and ineffective and football bosses and hospitality venues saying they're impossible to implement.

"The Scottish Government should cut their losses before they are embarrassed further. My party will continue to argue for ploughing the resources that are going into this wasteful scheme into fixing our testing and tracing operation and ringing all of those who have yet to have two doses of the vaccine to encourage them to book an appointment."

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