Horror A&E record at QEUH

New research revealed almost 20,000 patients waited over 4 hours for treatment at the flagship Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) since it opened.

New analysis from Scottish Liberal Democrats shows that since QEUH opened its doors in May 2015:

  • 19,577 out of 159,123 patients attending A&E have waited more than 4 hours (an average performance rate of just 87.7% against the 95% target)
  • It has only hit the target during two weeks out of 92 (in the weeks ending 6 December 2015 and 3 July 2016)
  • The worst week (ending 8 Jan 2017) saw 465 patients wait more than 4 hours (25.2% of attendances)
  • The trend in performance is downwards

If you’re a potential patient in Glasgow this new analysis reveals a real horror story. Some 20,000 patients have now waited long periods in A&E since the flagship QEUH opened.

It confirms that, for almost two years, SNP ministers and health bosses have been utterly unable to get a grip of the situation there.

We were told they would be ‘consistently delivering’ against the A&E target by last spring. In fact, they are consistently underperforming. Their interventions to date evidently haven’t worked and the situation is getting worse

There is a direct link between the delays in A&E and bed blocking.

Recently we uncovered the extent of how long delayed discharges have been and this blockage is having a major impact on front line services.

Things can’t continue like this. Patients and their families will want to know why they have failed and how they are now going to turn this around.

A&E staff are working incredibly hard in an often stressful environment.

Health bosses and SNP ministers need to perform an urgent operation on the QEUH and ensure they have the support and resources they need to do their jobs.

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