Hypocritical Tories want to blame drug strategy they introduced

Responding to comments from the Scottish Conservatives on the recent spike in drug related deaths which put Scotland as the worst country in Europe for drug deaths, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“People have long memories and will recall that Road to Recovery, the Scottish Government’s drug strategy was a Tory initiative that was adopted by the SNP as the price for Tory votes to pass their budget in 2008 and further endorsed by Ruth Davidson in 2012. 

“Compounded by a more than 20% cut in funding to drug services, this strategy has been found hopelessly wanting. The Conservatives are desperately trying to distance themselves from it. 

“As the number of drug-related deaths has spiralled to their highest ever level, Miles Briggs’ words will ring hollow to all of those struggling with drug addiction and the families of those affected. 

“We do need to re-examine our approach to drugs and immediately restore funding to local services but it will be hard for the Conservatives to be taken seriously until they are upfront about their mistakes.” 

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