Infrastructure essential for new housing developments

A First Minister's Questions I pressed the First Minister to intervene over Edinburgh Council’s plans to approve thousands of homes in West Edinburgh without committing to appropriate infrastructure provision.

I asked the First Minister to intervene because today Edinburgh Council is pushing ahead with this housing project with little regard for the pressure on local infrastructure, from health centres to road congestion.

Current planning rules mean that the council cannot properly take into account the massive pressure on health services that these development will cause.

The only people who can take account of both housing and health are the Scottish Government.

Ministers need to commit to helping the existing communities of Western Edinburgh protect their public services.

In the absence of any new planning rules from the Government, ministers need to get on with this today. They need to ensure that the essential infrastructure is there to serve new and existing communities.

I’m pleased to see developments like the one at Ratho Station which have the opportunity to reinvigorate communities but other developments approved today appear totally unsustainable and will have a substantial negative impact on much loved green belt such as the Camo estate.

It’s not fair on existing communities and it’s not fair to those who eventually move in.

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