Lib Dems: Urgent action needed on socially rented housing

Scottish Liberal Democrats today called for urgent action on socially rented housing as new figures revealed that the SNP missed their 2011 manifesto target by 7,500 homes.


Highlighting increases in the number of families forced to seek temporary accommodation, Scottish Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson Caron Lindsay warned that increasing homes for purchase would not help families on low incomes who would struggle to secure a mortgage. 

Ms Lindsay said:

“Over the last few years we have seen the number of families forced into temporary accommodation increase again and again. It is disappointing that the SNP have missed their manifesto target for rented housing by such a large margin and the number of rented home completions is now falling.  Increasing homes for social rent must be a priority.” 

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP added, “In 2011 SNP promised 30,000 new socially-rented homes. After they won power they lowered the target to 20,000. No amount of boastful press releases will help families into homes. The Scottish Government needs to be more focused on new rented homes.”

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