Lockdown Guidance

Lockdown Advice


These measures will be enforced by prohibition notices and unlimited fines if necessary. Please comply to protect the NHS and save lives.

Despite the easing of some restrictions in England, all lockdown restrictions remain in place in Scotland with the exception of a lift on restrictions around exercise. You can now exercise whenever you like, so long as you do not mix with other households and you only exercise in the vicinity of your house.

On 12th May, in Parliament the Deputy First Minister hinted that other restrictions may soon be lifted following the science, especially around opening garden centres and certain kinds of outdoor work.

I have made personal representations to the government calling for:

• A scheme where family members can visit and have physical contact with those shielding via a combination of testing and voluntary self isolation
• The opening of recycling centres on a socially distanced basis
• The recommencement of non-urgent elective surgery
• Clarification of the scientific basis for keeping Golf courses shut to players in Scotland when they are opening in England


All non-essential premises must close.

Takeaway and delivery services may remain open and operational in line with health guidance.

Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal.

Retail and public premises which we expect to remain open must:

  • Ensure a distance of two meters between customers and shop assistants.

  • Let people enter the shop only in small groups, to ensure that spaces are not crowded.

  • Queue control is required outside of shops and other essential premises that remain open.

Parks will remain open but only for individuals and households to exercise.

Communal spaces within parks such as playgrounds and football pitches will be closed.

Non-essential businesses and premises must now shut.

The following businesses and premises must remain closed.


Close restaurants, cafes, workplace canteens, public houses, bars and nightclubs, including bars in hotels or members clubs.

Exceptions – can remain open: Food delivery and takeaway, cafés or canteens at hospitals, care homes or schools; prison and military canteens; services providing food or drink to the homeless.

Further guidance is available here.


Close hair, beauty and nail salons, including piercing and tattoo parlours, massage parlours, auction houses, car showrooms and almost all retail except these below.

Exceptions – can remain open: Supermarkets and other food shops, health shops, pharmacies including non-dispensing pharmacies, petrol stations, bicycle shops, home and hardware shops, launderettes and dry cleaners, bicycle shops, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices, banks, outdoor and indoor markets market stalls which offer essential retail.


Close hotels, hostels, BnBs, campsites and boarding houses for commercial use and caravan parks/sites for commercial uses.

Exceptions - can remain open: Where people live in these as interim abodes whilst their primary residence is unavailable they may continue to do so. Key workers can continue to stay in hotels or similar where required. Where people live permanently in caravan parks or are staying in caravan parks as interim abodes where their primary residence is not available, they may continue to do so.


Close libraries, community centres, youth centres and similar, places of worship for services and cinemas, theatres and concert halls.

Exception – can remain open: Community centres may remain open for the purpose of hosting essential voluntary or public services, such as food banks or homeless services. Funerals following the social distancing guidance; places of worship should remain open for solitary prayer. Live streaming of a service without audience would be permissible. Live streaming of a theatre or musical performance by a small group could be permissible with social distancing observed.


Official Government advice for people who own animals can be found here.


Close museums and galleries, bingo halls, casinos and betting shops, spas, skating rinks, fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools or other indoor leisure centres, arcades, bowling alleys, soft-play centres and similar.

No exceptions.


Close enclosed spaces in parks, including playgrounds, sports courts and pitches, and outdoor gyms or similar.

No exceptions.
Please comply to protect the NHS and save lives.

The full detailed guidance is here


If you have been told to stay at home because of coronavirus and you need a note for your employer you can get an isolation note online. This service is only for people who:
  • have symptoms of coronavirus and have used the 111 online coronavirus service.

  • have been told by a healthcare professional they have symptoms of coronavirus.

  • live with someone who has symptoms of coronavirus.

If you have to stay at home because you are in a vulnerable group but feel well enough to work, ask your employer if you can work from home. If you can work from home, you will not need an isolation note.

Please use this service to take pressure off NHS 24 (111).

You can also use this service for someone else. It is an NHS England site but it works in Scotland.
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