Ministers can’t simply cross fingers for A&E

I've called on the Scottish Government to provide front line doctors and nurses with the support they need as the latest monthly A&E statistics show hundreds of patients waiting for more than eight hours. 

In the week ending 23rd October, 240 patients waited over eight hours in A&E which is the highest it has been since mid-February 2016The ISD Scotland figures also showed 54 people waited over 12 hours – again the highest in a single week since February. 

The warning signs are there that A&E waiting times are deteriorating.

The risk is that the pressure on doctors and nurses on the front line is only going to get worse. 

With reports suggesting a long and cold winter aheadSNP ministers cannot afford to simply cross their fingers and toes and hope for the best. Ministers need to work with health boards to establish how best to support doctors and nurses now.

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