Ministers must work to fix public services

The Times recently published a poll which revealed that the Scottish public is losing confidence in the SNP's ability to run our public services.

Whatever the First Minister might say, it is increasingly clear that the SNP’s first priority will never be  education, health or even working to protect the benefits of our EU membership. It is always independence. 

We saw during the referendum that everything else took a backseat, from halting the slide in attainment in our schools to repeatedly missed cancer and A&E targets.

Children have been forced to wait years on end for mental health treatment and nothing was done to prevent the looming GP crisis. Services have been underfunded. 

Former justice secretary Kenny MacAskill admitted that difficult decisions were put to one side for fear of damaging the prospects for independence. Now we are seeing the result of ministers’ failure to act earlier, it is little surprise that more and more people are unimpressed.

Today’s poll shows that the public want the First Minister to take the prospect of a divisive second independence referendum off the table and instruct her ministers to get to work on fixing Scotland’s public services.

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