Murrell’s account to Salmond committee “wholly implausible”

Speaking after the Chief Executive of the SNP, Peter Murrell, appeared in front of the Salmond Inquiry Committee, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“Every couple in Scotland will share the stresses and strains of their working day over dinner or before putting the lights out.

“The suggestion that Nicola Sturgeon gave her husband no warning of the what was potentially the biggest threat to their party in its history, and a head start on bracing the party for impact is wholly implausible.

“She was worried that Salmond was about to resign from the party at the 2nd of April meeting, she attended as much in her capacity as leader of the party. Normal practice would have seen her ringing alarm bells within the party high command. Mr Murrell’s appearance undermines both of their accounts as to Nicola Sturgeon’s role in all of this.”

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