Cole-Hamilton: FM should block Salmond’s political return over RT ties

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called on the SNP to rule out allowing Alex Salmond a return to frontline politics, after the former First Minister used his RT chatshow to pour doubt on Russian involvement in the Salisbury chemical attack and deny that RT is a propaganda station.

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Cole-Hamilton calls on Parliament to send signal to Russia

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today filed a motion in the Parliament condemning Russia and Russian backed media outlets for denying Russian involvement in the barbaric attack in Salisbury last week. He has also encouraged Scottish politicians and businesses to distance themselves from Russian state backed media companies.

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'Almost criminal' for UK patients to be excluded from clinical trials post-Brexit

In response to a question from Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, Dame Anna Dominiczak, Regius Professor of Medicine at Glasgow University has today warned that leaving the European Union in a way which would lead to Scottish or UK patients being excluded from clinical trials would be "almost criminal".

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SNP letting down chronic pain patients with "shocking" wait times

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP today described new statistics showing hundreds of patients in need of chronic pain treatment waiting longer than the 18-week treatment target as "shocking".

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Salmond is "useful idiot" of Putin regime

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called on Alex Salmond to either use his RT chat show to condemn the actions of the Putin regime or walk away.

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21,000 fall injuries amongst over 65s

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton today called for a national falls strategy that delivers a new “design for life” for those at risk, after it was revealed 85% of unintentional injuries amongst over 65s were due to falls.

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Push for Queensferry Fairtrade signs leads to National review

A push to have Fairtrade road signs erected at the entrances to Queensferry has led to a nation wide government review of signage policy.


Queensferry was named a Fairtrade Royal Burgh in 2008. The active Fairtrade Group in the town was keen to celebrate the 10 year anniversary by having new road signs to show the fairtrade status of the town.  

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Cole-Hamilton: Suicide strategy 432 days late

Ahead of the Scottish Government publishing its Suicide Prevention Strategy tomorrow, 432 days late, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has demanded that it prompt a "transformation" in mental health services.

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Lothian Buses update

As of this morning Lothian buses are running a Sunday service where they can. 


The below link shows realtime information on where buses are across the city.

Snow Distruption and Service Updates

The cold and snowy weather has caused a lot of difficulty and disruption over the last 24 hours, so I want to make sure people had the most up to date information in terms of services and closures. I hope the below is useful!

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning until 10am tomorrow. Snow showers are expected to continue. You can read more here.

All Council run nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools will remain closed tomorrow (Friday 2nd March). 

All credit to local bus operators who we know have been trying to run as normal a service as possible in very difficult circumstances.

- Lothian Buses have stopped their services other than the Airport 100. Everything will be reviewed at 4am tomorrow (2nd March), with no service operating until 0600 tomorrow at the earliest. More info can be found here.

- Information on rail services to and from Dalmeny Station can be found via the Scotrail website.

For safety reasons, the Council suspended all bin collection services and also closed the local recycling services. This disruption is likely to continue into tomorrow so please be patient if your bins are not emptied as normal.

You can see a list of priority routes for the Council gritting team and the location of grit bins in your area via this link.…/winter_road_and_pavement_main…

We know gritting teams were out last night and will be out again overnight tonight.

NHS Lothian has taken the decision to cancel all routine, non urgent elective procedures and all hospital outpatient appointments today and tomorrow (Friday 2nd March). Emergency and urgent elective procedures will still go ahead. Urgent cancer surgery patients will be prioritised.

If you have a doctor or hospital appointment, then we would encourage you to check first with your surgery or hospital. If you cannot make your appointment then please do remember to phone and cancel.

Given the bad weather is due to continue for the next couple of days, please make a point of joining us in checking in on more elderly and vulnerable neighbours - just to make sure they are okay.

As ever, if I can be of any help then please just let me know.

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