A&E weekly performance hits worst rate since January

A&E waiting time target has fallen to its lowest level since January, with only 85.7% of patients treated within 4 hours compared to the 95% target.

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“staggering” four and a half year wait for dental treatment

Health boards have reported “staggering” waits for dental treatment, including a patient reportedly waiting 243 weeks in Grampian, and called on the Health Secretary to take urgent action to get services back on track.

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Scarcity of community care traps 1,162 patients in hospital

At the August census there were 1,162 patients waiting in hospital because they needed a care home place, social care support to enable them to live in their own home or a needs assessment to be conducted.

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Sucess - First Responder Strategy

Following the news that Trade Union figures show morale of Ambulance staff at rock bottom, local Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton led a debate calling for a national strategy to help emergency workers and bystanders involved in helping at accidents recover from the trauma they have experience. 

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World First Aid Day

To celebrate World First Aid Day on September 14th I was joined in Parliament by primary school pupils and representatives from the British Red Cross who wanted to showcase their newly acquired first aid skills to me and my MSP colleagues.



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St John’s Hospital paediatrics delayed again

Today, the Scottish Government announced that the reinstatement of 24/7 paediatric service at St John’s Hospital will be delayed once again.

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Survey shows Scotland's health “stagnating”

New statistics showed health and lifestyle measures “stagnating”.

Statistics published today showed:

  • The measure of mental wellbeing for adults is at its lowest level since recording began in 2008;
  • Two thirds of adults are overweight, including 28% who are obese;
  • A third of men drink to levels described as hazardous or harmful;
  • Only around 1 in 5 adults met the 5-a-day recommendation, while 10% didn’t consume any fruit or vegetables the previous day.
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“scandalous” cancer waiting times

Statistics published today by ISD Scotland show 82.4% of patients started treatment within the 62-day standard during the quarter ending June 2019, compared to 84.6% for the same quarter the year before.

The 62-day standard was only met by NHS Borders, NHS Lanarkshire, and NHS Orkney.

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Shetland By-Election Victory!

It's wonderful to be working alongside Beatrice Wishart MSP after the fantastic Liberal Democrat victory in Shetland. Already doing a brilliant job of standing up for her constituents in Holyrood. 



A&E performance this summer

Throughout the whole of this summer, performance against the A&E target has been worse than it was at the same time last year.

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