NHS recruitment crisis was avoidable

Part 1 of the National Health & Social Care Workforce Plan has been published.

There is a great deal that the new workforce plan has to fix.
The SNP Government has presided over a NHS recruitment crisis. The Scottish Government ignored warning after warning that staffing isn’t keeping up with demand, relying on the goodwill and hardwork of staff on the frontline to get by.
The situation now, with the highest ever number of nursing and midwifery vacancies and more long-term consultant vacancies, was entirely avoidable. Instead, we have seen shoddy planning such as only looking five years ahead when it takes seven years to train a new doctor.
“To boost recruitment and retention the Scottish Government should immediately scrap the NHS pay cap and give staff the resources and support they need to do their jobs. The Tories can also stop compounding the situation by guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens and recognising the huge contribution they make to our NHS, instead of using them as bargaining chips.”

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