Oath of allegiance is gimmick politics

I branded Conservative proposals for a British oath of allegiance as “gimmick politics” after the UK communities secretary Sajid Javid proposed that public servants could be required to swear an oath to British values.

These proposals are absolute gimmick politics and I don't think it has any place in our society.

When you say to people that if you're not willing to say you're as tolerant as us, then you're not welcome here, well I think there's a cold irony to that.

If you can't defeat the arguments of extremists in an open democracy, then this isn't a democracy and you've lost the battle already. The idea of an oath of allegiance is superficial and divisive.

The Government should focus on integrating those small pockets of people living in segregated communities, instead of pushing shallow solutions that stir up hostility towards all minority communities, the vast majority of whom want to be an integrated part of the United Kingdom.

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