Only policy reform can tackle soaring drug deaths

Responding to the SNP conference passing a resolution on drug reform, Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

"On the SNP's watch both drug-related deaths and hospitalisations have soared to their highest ever level. Cuts to drug and alcohol services have played a huge part in this.

"The Scottish Government must finally adopt drugs policies that are in line with the mainstream medical and scientific evidence of what works and this starts with their treating misuse as the health issue that it is. Only then can we begin to close the gap on the progress made by our European partners and tackle the horrific drug problems in our communities.

"Reform of the Scottish and UK Government's failing strategies would alleviate the burden on the NHS, free up the justice system to tackle the organised crime groups behind the illegal drugs trade and ensure people who need treatment get help instead of being sent behind bars."


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