People still in dark over Queensferry Crossing

People in Edinburgh are still in the dark over when the new Queensferry Crossing will open.

Project director David Climie was grilled by MSPs on a Holyrood committee over whether the revised completion date of May 2017 will be met.

Speaking at committee, Mr Climie said:

"I'm always an optimist so I hope it will be before May, but I'm also a realist so I accept there are certain circumstances where it could be after May."

People in Edinburgh are facing months of uncertainty over when the Queensferry Crossing will open and the ‘mibbes aye, mibbes naw’ approach we saw this morning has left them none the wiser.

I would urge Ministers and the project team to ensure that local people are not kept in the dark and get all the information on the progress of the bridge work that they need.

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