Queensferry Crossing 1 Year Review

It's been over one year since the Queensferry Crossing was given full motorway designation. I have raised many issues with Transport Scotland about the impact on traffic profile and flow around South Queensferry since the Bridge opened to traffic in 2017.


- The need for a pedestrian crossing and traffic calming on the Bo'ness road on approach to Echline Primary following a big uptick in speeding traffic.
- Better traffic management on the slips accessing the motorway
- The re-opening of the South Bound A90 slip from the old Echline Roundabout at South Scotstoun to take pressure off Dalmeny village at peak times
- A box junction at the new bridge access roundabout to allow people accessing the roundabout from Newton, opportunity to do so
- Replacement of all road signage both north and south of the river directing people to the old Forth Road Bridge.

Transport Scotland have stated they will loook at these issues following the 1 year review of the crossing. As this is now overdue I asked the Transport Secretary to intervene on these issues on the floor of the Scottish Parliament. Watch it here - 


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