Scotland must win ‘battle of the bulge’

The Scottish Government must step up efforts to win the ‘battle of the bulge’, after new figures shows that one in five children in Primary 1 are at risk of overweight and obesity.

Figures published by ISD Scotland show that 22% of children in Primary 1 were at risk of being overweight or obese, while 1% were at risk of being underweight.

Children must be given every opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle and be fit for the future. However, the rate of Primary 1 children who are overweight or obese hasn’t shifted in a decade.

NHS services are put under additional pressure by the need to tackle avoidable ill health caused by poor diet and lack of exercise, including diabetes, heart conditions and mental health problems. Struggling health services would benefit hugely from our being able to end the obesity epidemic.

Scotland isn’t winning the battle of the bulge and one of the most important ways to turn this around is to make progress in the early years.

Ministers must step up their efforts to promote physical activity and healthy eating, giving the children the best start in life.

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