ScotRail Update


Following further overcrowding on the 07.58am service from Dalmeny, which was short-formed to 3 carriages again, I’ve had  another conversation with ScotRail Managing Director, Alex Hynes.


He advises that they are now going to review services coming over the bridge every morning at 5am. If a train is due to be short formed as it was this morning, they will instruct the following train (i.e. the Aberdeen train immediately after the 07.58) to make an extra stop at Dalmeny. These provisions will be advertised both in station tannoy announcements and on the ScotRail App and will continue until the capacity issues are resolved.

Many people have also have had difficulty getting trains back from town at rush-hour in the evening due to cancellations and overcrowding. I have asked Mr Hynes to replicate the morning contingency on the Dalmeny bound evening services - i.e. getting the Aberdeen train to stop at Dalmeny on its way north. He said that this is possible, that it hadn’t been considered, but he would now speak to his control room about it.

I also met with Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Michael Matheson MSP in the margins of Parliament. He advises me that following the crisis, he has been in contact with the Japanese Interior Ministry to put pressure on Hitache to expedite the delivery of the delayed new trains. He has asked me for regular updates on the Dalmeny situation and the experiences of commuters, as he recognises it has suffered more than most other stations in the country.

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