ScotRail Update: Dalmeny

There has been a noticeable increase in issues on the morning services at Dalmeny again. This culminated in the 08.25 (29/03) appearing as cancelled on the App, and then sailing past without stopping, leaving nearly 100 people on the platform. I contacted Alex Hynes, MD at Scotrail first thing to raise this as there had been an operational policy against 'skip-stopping.'


He confirmed to me that the 8.25am service had encountered a fault which gave the train a heightened risk of breaking down entirely and causing major disruption on the entire network. Operational policy in those circumstances is to advance the train to the terminus without stopping (for fear the train may not start again.) I have to take him at his word on this but I was clear in articulating the frustrations local people continue to feel.

He once again assured me that things will be improving shortly. The last of the Edinburgh drivers were being trained today on the new Hitachi rolling stock which will see an uptick in workforce capacity. I will stay on the case. I want to thank the resident who alerted me to this morning's problem. Please do keep in touch.

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