SNP must be bolder in mental health strategy

The SNP must be bolder in the development of a new mental health strategy after experts told Parliament it was lacking ambition.

Alistair Cook, the Chair of the Royal College of Psychologists in Scotland, told the Health Committee this morning that the new strategy wasn’t ambitious enough.

It comes after the Royal College of Nurses also told members the draft strategy is not sufficiently aspirational.

Dr Cook is absolutely right in his diagnosis. First the Scottish Government allowed the last mental health strategy to lapse without planning for a replacement.

Now, instead of finally delivering a bold new mental health strategy, expert after expert is telling ministers their vision is timid.

There are still no plans to develop a mental health unit north of Dundee to avoid children having to travel hundreds of miles to receive vital care.

There is still no guarantee of record levels of funding after the share of the budget spent on mental health has consistently fallen under the SNP.

We have laid out clear plans which would see mental health care placed on the same footing as physical health. 

If the Scottish Government is serious about transforming mental health services they should back our proposals.

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