SNP must do more to reach waiting time targets

Recent figures released on waiting times show the strain that NHS Scotland is under. Investment is badly needed to help reach targets.

Recent figures show that 7 out of the 15 NHS boards didn't meet the 18 week referral to treatment target. 87% of patients were reported as being seen within 18 weeks compared to  89.8% in June 2015.  There was also a decline of 3.7% in the 12 week treatment time guarantee compared with last year.

The NHS was facing an impending budget crisis and now we see the results. Waiting times have been getting worse with the 18 week referral to treatment standard not being met for the last two years.

Targets mean nothing if you are not heading towards meeting them

The SNP need to fix this mismanagement and take responsibility for these figures by acting decisively with local boards to make sure that they have the funding and support they need.

The Scottish Government today released workforce projections showing an expected marginal increase in staff, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface in fixing the problems that are facing the NHS.

It is right for NHS Scotland to have such ambitious targets, but targets mean nothing if you are not heading towards meeting them.

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