SNP must listen on fuel poverty 

I've called on the SNP to listen to Parliament and refocus its efforts to tackle fuel poverty. 

In January this year, we led a debate in the Scottish Parliament calling on the Scottish Government to reverse cuts to the Scottish Government’s fuel poverty budget and “revise its 2016 fuel poverty target”, which the Scottish Government has now missed. This call was voted down by the SNP. 

In this months debate on fuel poverty, ministers constantly threw aside advice from experts and across the chamber and denied they were failing to meet their fuel poverty target.

The SNP have missed their target to eradicate fuel poverty by November 2016 and there can be no hiding. 

I would expect all members of the Scottish Parliament to agree that it is simply unacceptable that families, particularly in our remote and rural communities, still face the impossible choice between heating their homes or putting food on the table.

The SNP no longer have their majority and they will now have no choice but to listen to solutions from across the chamber.

Scottish Liberal Democrats have sought cross-party support to achieve a warmer, healthier home for every single person in Scotland, and we are ready to do so again. 

Introducing a Warm Homes Act alongside the establishment of catch-up zones to deliver warmer homes in communities which have fallen behind is a plan we can all get behind.

Winter is coming and the Scottish Government must act quickly to establish a new target to eradicate fuel poverty.” 

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