Sturgeon in the shadow of Rennie

I've written to Liberal Democrat target seat campaigns across Scotland warning them to expect an imminent visit from the First Minister.  

My initiative comes after the First Minister has been in the shadow of Willie Rennie for ten days as he has visited target seats across Scotland including East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, the Highlands, the North East and Edinburgh West.

Willie Rennie has visited East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, Edinburgh West, and the Highlands in the last ten days.

He has been followed to each of those seats by the First Minister. Everywhere Willie has gone, Nicola has been close behind. The message is clear. The SNP know we are the challenger in those seats. The First Minister knows full well we can beat her party. 

The SNP know we are the challengers. We know we are the challengers. The voters in these constituencies understand that they need to rally round the Liberal Democrats to beat the SNP.

There are thousands of voters in those seats who do not want another divisive independence referendum. We can represent them in this important election.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to boost mental health services, get Scottish education back up to the best in the world again, get the economy back into growth and stop another divisive independence referendum. It's a positive and winning platform.

Alex Cole-Hamilton has written to his campaign teams in the four seats that have been visited by the First Minister together with the other Highlands seats, Argyll & Bute, Gordon and North East Scotland.

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