Testing is the only way to save Scotland’s airports

Edinburgh Western MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has reiterated the need for a robust testing scheme if Scotland’s airports are to survive. This comes after news that Edinburgh Airport has seen a decrease of 91% passenger footfall in the last six months. 

The report by the BBC indicated that Edinburgh Airport was not expecting to break even until 2021, but even that is in jeopardy with the uncertainty and ever-changing nature of the pandemic affecting travel and tourism enormously.

Commenting, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“This news will be extremely disheartening for all the staff at Edinburgh Airport and for the Scottish Aviation industry as a whole. Edinburgh Airport provides hundreds of jobs in my constituency, and ever since the start of this pandemic I have been urging the Scottish Government to take action.”

Whilst Mr Cole-Hamilton has welcomed the financial support from the Scottish Government that was announced earlier this year, he has reiterated the need for testing.

Commenting further, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“The challenges faced by the aviation industry are not new-for months now I have been asking the Scottish Government to put in place a testing regime that will encourage more travel through airports and allow them to operate as safe and Covid free zones. A cheque can only go so far, and we need a change in approach from the government as a matter of urgency.”

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