UK Government must dinghy Trump visit

The UK Government must stand up for British values and withdraw its invitation to Donald Trump on state visit.

Marches have been organised in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee. I will be attending the March in Edinburgh and I've called on people across all cities in Scotland to join the rallies.

The actions of Donald Trump have spat right in the face of British values of openness and tolerance. What he has done stands against everything that Britain stands for. To have a state visit would mean we betray those values. We cannot let it happen.

Not a day goes by that we don’t see some fresh madness from Trump and to see our Prime minister walk with him hand in hand diminishes her standing as PM and embarrasses our country.

Marches across Scotland and the rest of the UK are a strong message that the British people reject what Donald Trump stands for.

The UK Government must stand up for our values and dinghy him until he changes his divisive immigration policy.

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