I've had a flurry of cases this week where people have been made redundant with immediate affect as a result of the impact of COVID19 on the company they work for.

That can be for a range of reasons, such as:

- They've only been recently appointed and the role they were going to do won't exist after the pandemic;

- Because the company was not profitable and is being taken into administration now as there is no way it will become profitable in the near future;

- Because the company will have to urgently and immediately downsize to survive the aftermath of the emergency.

If this applies to you then we can help. Following discussions I had with the Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes MSP on this yesterday I can contact your employer and make the case to have you reinstated and furloughed under the Job retention scheme which could see you reinstated with 80% of your salary up to £2500 PCM for the duration of the emergency, even if the company is being taken into administration.

The scheme allows:

- Anyone who was employed before 28th February 2020 and who cannot perform that role as a result of the crisis, to be furloughed.

- Companies to reinstate anyone they have made redundant as a result of the crisis for the purposes of furloughing them- irrespective of whether the job they were doing will exist after the emergency.

- Companies going into administration as a result of the crisis can reinstate their employees for the purposes of furloughing, even if there is no job or company for those employees to return to after the crisis.

If you think this might apply to you please email me at [email protected] with contact details for your employer and I will try to get them to use the scheme to your benefit.

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