Urgent: Protect our lollipop workers

I learned this morning that on Thursday the Finance committee of the City Council will vote on proposals to remove lollipop workers from out side city schools at lunchtimes.

To my mind these proposals represent a material threat to the safety of our children and Liberal Democrat Councillors will fight them tooth and nail. I've started a petition which I intend to present to the finance committee on Wednesday, so please sign it today and share it with others.

The Council estimates that such a move would only save a mere £100,000 and yet they broke the news to the affected lollipop workers on the day that Councillors agreed in principle to an open-ended commitment to the extension of the tram at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.

Such a cut will see 65 or more lollipop workers lose approximately a quarter of their salary, making it much harder to recruit and retain these vital employees.

Our lollipop workers are a credit to our city and perform a vital role in keeping our children safe, they deserve our support.

Please sign my petition: alexcolehamilton.org.uk/lollipops

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